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Cynthia Linscott Newhouse


Cynthia Linscott Newhouse is a painter who resides in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida.  Linscott Newhouse studied under various prominent artists in Michigan, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Florida.  Mediums that she uses include mixed media and acrylic paint.  Inspirations she embraces derive from her passions about nature and animals. Styles exemplify modern calming seascapes, fun-filled bright landscapes that are bursting in color, and animals that show lively expressions.


Cynthia Linscott Newhouse's artistic mission is to evoke emotion such as a feeling of love or joy to the viewer.  At the tender age of five, Linscott Newhouse noticed that art was indeed her interest.  The foundation of her personal passions in art stem from her homes upbringing.  Her mother was devoted to the design industries (interior, fashion, and jewelry) and her fathers expertise was in architecture.


While embracing an active involvement in the artistic communities that she serves, Linscott Newhouse is a member to the Cultural Arts Alliance and Women's Art Network.  A strong partnership with the Kacy Turpin Geana's Art Gallery and Custom Framing in Destin, Florida allows for interested contributors to see and purchase her delightful paintings.  Furthermore, she takes pride in serving her local communities while assisting a senior center.  Additionally, Linscott Newhouse lends a helping hand to the Alaqua Animal Refugee.  These positive experiences and commitment to the field of art resonate in her imagery.


Surrounding areas in Florida to viewing Linscott Newhouse's artwork include Destin, Santa Rosa Beach, and Panama City Beach.




our truest life

Is when we are in

dreams awake


Henry David Thoreau

Contemporary works, acrylics + mixed media

If you have any questions about the works, please contact me. I will respond within 24 hours. Artwork can be made into any size you desire. I'll look forward to visiting with you.

the earth has music

for those who listen


William Shakespeare


Currently my artwork is shown at Big Mama Hula Girl Gallery in Seagrove



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full moon art studio

full moon art studio

full moon art studio

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